Scribbles and unpleasantries.

Everyone’s pretty much covered every aspect of the show last night (such as bumblingb and eaglebuns), so I don’t have that much to add. Here’s a few pictures, regardless.

From the eyes of a more-or-less veteran fan, there weren’t that many new punches thrown, though hearing “Doing Science!” for the first(?) time was a treat and I was quite surprised to hear them debut a new song, as usually they only play new material after it’s already been released. Plus, we got a lot more stage banter than the previous LA show, and getting Ricky to sing more songs is always a pleasure, though, considering Jimmy’s solo performance at the San Diego show, I’d be curious to hear some songs from Bones and Crash in the future.

Honestly, my highlight of the night was probably their impromptu rendition of Van Halen’s “Dance the Night Away” as “Snack the Night Away”, the prelude to the now-infamous Clif bar licking video (yes, a CLIF bar, NOT a granola bar. Not that it’s anything to get in a huff about, but still). On top of the one show a few years ago where EagleBones played “Eruption” in its entirety (or near-entirety), The Aquabats playing Van Halen scores a big thumbs up from me. If only they’d bring back the Kelly Clarkson songs.

The top images are from the pre-show game of Duck Duck Goose. DDG is a staple of every large Aquabats show, but I was disappointed the turn-out was so small this year. I’ve been to Fonda shows before where it’s taken up most of the floor. Maybe next year I’ll try my hand at organizing a venue-wide DDG game.

Bottom image is MCBC meeting a fan after the show. Watching a gaggle of starstruck children come to meet him was one of the greatest things I’ve seen all year.

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